Mexico Tourist Card
Multiple Immigration Form - FMM

3 easy steps to apply for Mexico Tourist Card/FMM:

Complete the Application form
Pay the application form with CC or PayPal
Receive the Tourist card via your email

What Is FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) Or Tourist Card?

FMM/Tourist card for Mexico is a travel document issued by the government to all tourists or foreigners wishing to come to Mexico. 

Visitors must fill out an official entry immigration form (FMM) prior to their arrival. The Tourist Card is valid per person, regardless of age or length of stay in Mexico. The Mexican Immigration Authority keeps the information you submit on the Tourist Card as an official record of your visit to Mexico, allowing you to enjoy your stay and exit the country safely and easily.

Tourist Card Mexico Requirements

  • You are a foreign national visiting Mexico
  • You have a valid passport
  • You will set off for Mexico within 30 days
  • Your stay in Mexico will not exceed 180 days
  • The purpose of your visit to Mexico is pleasure, entertainment, and/or vacation
  • You’re not heading to Mexico to look for work

You DO NOT need a visa for Mexico if you are a citizen of the Schengen Region, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Japan, or if you have a valid visa or permanent residency permit for any of these countries. When visiting Mexico, however, you will still require a FMM document. See the list below of countries whose nationals require the FMM document for Mexico:

List of countries


Czech Republic
San Marino
United Kingdom


South Korea


New Zealand

South America


What do you need for an online FMM/Tourist card

  1. Applicant’s contact information
  2. Your passport information. Keep in mind that your passport should be applicable for at least six months from the date you enter Mexico
  3. Your address or Hotel name in Mexico
  4. Arrival and departure flight details
  5. Your email address for receiving the Tourist Card
  6. A printer to print the Tourist Card

How to apply for a FMM document 

The online registration process is very efficient and straightforward. All you need for the online registration process is your passport, flights information, the address or name of the hotel where you will be staying, and a printer to print your Official Entry Tourist Card.

  1. For your FMM to be valid, you will be attended by a federal immigration agent who will stamp your printed electronic FMM and authorize your entry into the national territory at the point of admission you choseFrom that moment, you have 180 days to transit and visit Mexico. The page of entry (the first page from FMM) will be taken from a federal immigration agent.
  2. Remember that you must keep the part that corresponds to the exit registration(the second page from FMM) in which the immigration entry stamp is recorded since it is evidence of your regular stay in the country and will be required when leaving Mexico.

Tourist Card Mexico Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Tourist Card, and why do I require one?

If you are visiting Mexico, you will need a Tourist Card. That is a sort of entry immigration document that has information about your trip. The Tourist Card is valid for one person, regardless of your age or your length of stay. The Mexican Immigration Authority keeps the information you enter on the Tourist Card as an official record of your travel to Mexico.

Is there a time limit on how long I may keep my Tourist Card?

The Immigration Form is divided into two parts: the Entry Form and the Exit Form. We will email you both forms already filled out with all of your necessary information. Right after you arrive in Mexico, you will go straight to the immigration booth. There the immigration official will retain the ENTRY section of your form and return to you the stamped Exit part which you must keep. You should provide the Exit Part of your form, along with your passport, while checking in for your journey back home.

When can I apply for a Tourist card / FMM to Mexico?

you can apply for a Tourist Card not earlier than 30 days of your intended arrival date in Mexico

What benefits does the FMM provide you?

For travelers visiting Mexico, the FMM document provides the following benefits:
• Prove your condition of regular stay without permission to carry out paid activities.
• It allows you to transit through Mexican territory for up to 180 days.
• Protect your rights and freedom when entering Mexico legally and safely.

What benefits does the electronic FMM provide you?

In addition to the benefits of traditional FMM, electronic FMM:
• Facilitate your entry to Mexico without any hassle and difficulty.
• By submitting your previously completed and printed Immigration Form, you can cut down on your registration time.
• It reduces the waiting time at the hospitalization points.
• Avoid standing in queues at the bank because you can pay online from the convenience of your own home.
• The electronic FMM is valid in the same way as the old-fashioned FMM, which must be completed when foreigners enter Mexico by air, sea, or land. Either of these documents validates your stay, and you must preserve it in both situations because it will be required when you leave the country.

Can I get my FMM document later when I have entered Mexico once?

No, you must get your FMM document immediately at the border. Have it stamped by the National migration Institute authority at the border/airport.

What information do I need to have to fulfill the FMM document?

You need to have the following information to fulfill the FMM document :
• Contact information.
• Your date of birth.
• Your nationality
• Your passport number.
• The purpose of your trip and the mode through which you are entering Mexico(by sea, land, or air)
• Arrival flight information if you are entering by air.
• Аddress and full name of the hotel where you are staying
• Email to send you the Tourist Card
• A printer to print the Tourist Card

What has to be done if I lose my FMM/Tourist card?

You can do two things:
If you have applied for your Tourist Card online, you simply find a computer, send us an email and print your new form. Be aware that You may be required to pay a fine.
If you have lost a “handwritten” document for your Tourist Card, you have to get a new form. You will have to make an appointment with an Immigration Office to do that. You may have to pay a fine to replace it.

Do I need to have a tourist card (FMM) when traveling by land to Mexico?

Yes. You will be asked for it at the Mexican border and have it stamped by the immigration authority.

Is FMM issued per person?

Yes. For example, if 4 people are traveling, all four need to have a separate personal FMM document.

How do I have to print my FFM/Tourist card?

The Tourist Card can be printed in “BLACK & WHITE” or “COLOR,” as long as it is not blurry or ineligible. You will be given two pages, and you must not cut or change the forms in any way.They must be left as they are.

How much is the Tourist card/FMM?

The Tourist card is free of charge, when traveling “by Air”. Our service fee for processing the application is $39.80 USD per person.